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18 Mar 2014     Ukrainian Boy Sends Back Putin Wristwatch given as Gift

Vladimir Vladimirovich, I'm addressing you personally.  Since my childhood years I've been raised to love my motherland Ukraine and my people.  I'm a peaceful person.  But if needed I'm ready to go and to defend peace on my land.  I remember your words about your dreams.  You said you wanted for everybody to be happy and live in peace.  But you lied to me.  And just because of that I have to return your gift to you. — Andrei Senko

Anna Babinets: The story of YanukovychLeaks

10 Jun 2014     The story of YanukovychLeaks

On 22 Feb 2014, volunteer divers found nearly 200 folders of documents in a lake at the residence of the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.  They had been thrown into the lake to destroy them as Yanukovych and his clan escaped the compound. — Video Documentary

I am Gollum

08 Jun 2014     I am Gollum

President Vladimir Putin badly bungled his last assignment as a KGB agent in East Germany, causing the collapse of a spy ring, an official overseeing East German secret service records said Friday. — Adam Tanner

Battle Donetsk Airport

28 May 2014     The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 44)

We have to get away from this nightmare.  Everything that is happening in Kiev is normal.  Many people [here in Donetsk] think the same thing.  They just aren't allowed to express it.  The level of brainwashing [here in Donetsk] is enormous and horrifying, everything I hear on the radio is a lie, lie lie.  Russia, my motherland, will do everything possible to smash and divide us here.  If somebody can help us, please do, because we cannot cope with this by ourselves.  We want civilization here, we want change. — Lady on a Donetsk street

Budweiser King of Beers

28 May 2014     Boycott Putin Now

Join the international boycott of Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, all InBev products and FIFA partners. — BoycottPutinNow.Com


27 May 2014     Moscow to Block Five Million Russian Citizens from Traveling Abroad

In the course of the last 20 years, some four to five million Russian citizens have left the country, "including 20,000 doctors of science."  "Given growing economic difficulties, the tightening of screws and the restrictions on freedom," it is likely to become ever more problematic for the Kremlin to hold the rest. — Paul Goble


26 May 2014     Why Is Putin Invited to Normandy's 70th Anniversary?

It was never a good idea to invite Vladimir Putin to join the 70th-anniversary commemoration of the D-Day landings on June 6.  But the justification now offered by the French government makes the original mistake a great deal worse. — David Frum

Russia will regret its gas deal with China

25 May 2014     Russia Will Regret Its Gas Deal With China

So Russia became an oil kleptocracy of the worst kind — a dumb oil and gas producer with a huge chip on its shoulder and anger at the rest of the world for not paying it sufficient respect. — Alexei Bayer

Prince Charles

22 May 2014     An Apology From Prince Charles

My dear Russians, Yesterday, it was reported that I compared your President Putin to Hitler.  If by making this comment I have in some way offended you, I am deeply sorry. — Prince Charles

Pro-Putin grannies chased away the Ukrainian army

22 May 2014     Pro-Putin Grannies Chased Away the Ukrainian Army. Then They Turned on Me.

The Donetsk People's Republic is now heavily armed and well fortified: tires, barbed wire, grenade launchers, APCs, Kalashnikovs, and seemingly more pistols than they have hands to shoot them.  But the fledgling republic's most fearsome weapon is their grannies. — Julia Ioffe

New Minister of Culture, Irina Filatova

22 May 2014     The People's Republic of Luhansk's New Minister of Culture

Don't you feel more cultured already?  You do.  Because cadres determine everything. — Julia Ioffe

Denis Pushilin, self-declared chairman of the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic

21 May 2014     Vladimir Putin's "Donetsk People's Republic" Stinks

Rotting garbage is piling up in the hallways of the government office building seized by separatists in eastern Ukraine.  Telephones ripped from the walls are piled atop broken furniture and mounds of old files.  The stench of sweat and stale cigarettes is everywhere.  The guards, slouching men with pistols shoved in their pockets or flapping loosely in holsters, look increasingly bored. — Tim Sullivan

Kremlin-backed militants chain and beat young civic activist in Luhansk

16 May 2014     Kremlin-backed militants chain and beat young civic activist in Luhansk

Mykhailo Logvinenko, a young civic activist from Luhansk, was abducted on Saturday evening, May 10.  He was seized by the militants while pasting up posters against the pseudo-referendum on May 11. — Human Rights in Ukraine

Oleksandr Hurov, Ukrainian coal miner

16 May 2014     In Eastern Ukraine, Torture Is New Weapon

When he ripped down a separatist flag from the main government building in Novohradovka, his hometown in eastern Ukraine, Oleksandr Hurov knew he was in for trouble. — Claire Bigg

Top 5 Myths About U.S. Meddling in Ukraine

14 May 2014     Top 5 Myths About U.S. Meddling in Ukraine

Russia's blaming the U.S. for Ukrainians' shift toward Western values and institutions is absurd.  It would be as if an abusive husband, who, after beating his wife for years, blames her new husband for the fact that she filed for divorce and remarried. — Michael Bohm

Ukraine seizes 100,000 ballots already marked YES

11 May 2014     Ukraine seizes 100,000 ballots already marked "Yes"

Ukrainian military forces stopped and seized a vehicle carrying three armed men transporting guns, ammunition, and an estimated 100,000 ballots for a May 11 referendum already marked "yes" for the eastern city of Donetsk to break away and form an independent state, Kyiv Post reports. — Paul Szoldra

Vladimir Putin perplexed by his problems

10 May 2014     Vladimir Putin's FAREWELL-YANUKOVYCH Solution

What if the Ukrainians — the Right Sector, say — were to be blamed for assassinating Viktor Yanukovych? — Lubomyr Prytulak

Russian National Unity Party logo

07 May 2014     Russian Plans to Falsify Referendum in Donetsk, Intercepted Conversation

The barkashovtsy engage in preparing lists of enemies to be arrested and executed when the militants come to power; they collect information on a wide range of individuals; and they seek through dissemination of propaganda to prepare the population at large for the introduction of "iron order." — John B. Dunlop describing the members of Alexander Barkashov's Russian National Unity party.

A Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

07 May 2014     A Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

One of the men, the first to speak, demanded to know whose side they were on, meaning were they for Russia, or Ukraine?  Instinctively they knew that there'd be little to gain from expressing their pro-Ukrainian allegiance so Roman, 22, told them simply: "We're on the side of peace." — Oliver Carroll

Ukraine: Captives Describe Brutal Beatings

06 May 2014     Ukraine: Captives Describe Brutal Beatings

Self-proclaimed authorities in eastern Ukraine should immediately release people held in captivity and put an end to abductions by armed men acting on their behalf.  The fate of dozens of captives remains unknown, and those released whom Human Rights Watch interviewed reported severe beatings in captivity. — Human Rights Watch

Vladimir Putin Sends Chechen Special Forces to Ukraine

05 May 2014     Vladimir Putin Sends Chechen Special Forces to Ukraine

From the Ukrainian city Slavyansk arrives alarming news.  Illegal Ukrainian authorities started in this city a large-scale military operation against its own people. — Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov

Russia to Prosecute Crimean Tatar Protesters Over Unrest

04 May 2014     Russia to Prosecute Crimean Tatar Protesters Over Unrest

Thousands of Crimean Tatars on Saturday responded to news that their spiritual leader had been banned from the peninsula by blocking several highways in a tense standoff with riot police — the first sign that the Muslim ethnic group's discontent with Russian authorities may lead to turmoil. — Oleg Sukhov

A member of Putin's rent-a-mob?

03 May 2014     A Member of Putin's Rent-a-Mob?

Zivkovic is distinguished by his wealth of black facial hair, a large mole on his right cheek, a smaller mole under his left eye, and under that a still smaller mole, barely visible in this still. — Lubomyr Prytulak

Russia's Corruption Campaign in the EU

02 May 2014     Russia's Corruption Campaign in the EU

Unlike well known sellouts like e.g. Gerhard Schröder, who gets at least 250,000€ a year to shill for Putin, the hidden army of Putin claqueurs gets its pay through myriads of semi-legal, illegal, and outright criminal schemes. — Thomas C. Theiner

Director of Ukraine's Tax Office, Oleksandr Klymenko

30 Apr 2014     Secret Luxury In The Ukraine Tax Office

Evidence of massive corruption in the previous government: Gold couches, massage rooms, a tanning bay, a jacuzzi and more were found behind locked doors at Ukraine's tax office. — CNN

Shaun White at Sochi 2014

26 Apr 2014     Sochi 2014 According to Putin: The Follow-Up

You know him — Shaun White.  Yes, he's got the haircut.  But he's just as sharp as ever.  He saw a brilliant run of over 95 earlier today in his first run.  Lives in Carlsbad California.  He won the gold in Turino in '06.  He won the gold in Vancouver in 2010.  Thirteen-time winner at the X Games.  We're talking Summer and Winter.  Here he comes.  Get ready for take-off. — CBC announcer

Crimean Repression

25 Apr 2014     Crimean Residents To Face Russian-Style Repression

On March 31, pro-Russian thugs beat a 14-year-old Tatar boy for speaking Tatar in public. — Tom Malinowski

Mark Ivaniuk Beaten To Death In Crimea For Speaking Ukrainian

24 Apr 2014     Mark Ivaniuk Beaten To Death In Crimea For Speaking Ukrainian?

A grieving mother has claimed that her 16 year old student son was beaten and killed by Russian policemen in Crimea — because he spoke Ukrainian. — Will Stewart

Stop Russian Bully

20 Apr 2014     U.S., EU Can Stop the Russian Bully

The U.S. alone has 11 aircraft carriers to Russia's one. — John Barchilon

Paul Goble

18 Apr 2014     Evaluation of 17 April 2014 Four-Party Statement on Ukraine

Now, Illarionov suggests, Ukrainians must "wake up" to the horrible reality that they have been betrayed not just by the West but by their own government and are now very much on their own. — Paul Goble

We Will Never Be Brothers

16 Apr 2014     We will never be brothers

You have a Tsar, We have Democracy.  We will never be brothers. — Anastasia Dmitruk


13 Apr 2014     Evidence of Russian Support for Destabilization of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Government has reporting indicating that Russian intelligence officers are directly involved in orchestrating the activities of pro-Russian armed resistance groups in eastern Ukraine. — U.S. Department of State


13 Apr 2014     Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims About Ukraine

Russia continues to spin a false and dangerous narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine.  The Russian propaganda machine continues to promote hate speech and incite violence by creating a false threat in Ukraine that does not exist. — U.S. Department of State

Russian TV propagandists Andrei Petkov

12 Apr 2014     Russian TV Propagandists Caught Red-Handed: Same Guy, Three Different People

The Putin propaganda machine cannot rest. It must provide new footage daily for a viewing public eager for the next Ukrainian outrage, growing angrier with each passing day, and asking: When will our great leader, Vladimir Putin, go in and rescue our poor brethren across the border in Ukraine? — Paul Roderick Gregory

NATO logo

11 Apr 2014     Russia's accusations — setting the record straight

Russia has levelled a series of accusations against NATO which are based on misrepresentations of the facts and ignore the sustained effort that NATO has put into building a partnership with Russia.  Russia has also made baseless attacks on the legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities and has used force to seize part of Ukraine's territory. — NATO Fact Sheet

The Outlaw Vladimir Putin

08 Apr 2014     The Outlaw Vladimir Putin

Now Russia has demonstrated that military force in general, and nuclear weapons in particular, may well remain the only reliable means of protection against hostile actions by larger, more powerful states. — David B. Rivkin Jr. And Lee A. Casey

Ukrainian soldier murdered in Crimea

08 Apr 2014     In cold blood: Unarmed Ukrainian soldier murdered in Crimea

Russian military soldiers shot dead an unarmed Ukrainian officer on April 6 in the dormitory for officers in the Crimean village of Novofedorivka, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. — Nataliya Trach

Need dead Russian protest tourists

08 Apr 2014     Russian Invasion Imminent (But First Need Dead Protesters)

Note that the invasion requires the advance Russian agents to stage armed confrontations that result in casualties in demonstrations and occupied public buildings.  So far Ukrainian forces have exercised remarkable restraint to prevent this from happening, but the Russian plan calls for the shooting of pro-Russian demonstrators by Russian special ops forces — something Ukrainian authorities cannot stop. — Paul Roderick Gregory

Crimea living under occupation

02 Apr 2014     Fairy Tales About A Great Life With Russia

In Hurzuf there have already been cases where guys wearing uniforms without any identifying markings have showed up and kicked out the owner, and there was nothing he could do about it.  Crimea is now in anarchy.  I would like to look those jerks in the eyes, who have done this to the peninsula with no thought for the consequences and the people. — Viktor Svyshcho

Lamb in the lion's den

30 Mar 2014     Putin's Brazen Demand In Return For Him NOT Invading Ukraine

But, rest assured, Putin's diversion from arms to diplomacy is designed to test whether he can get the United States to sell out Ukraine without an invasion that would further isolate Russia and inflict serious damage on its economy. — Paul Roderick Gregory

Yuri Felshtinsky

24 Mar 2014     Russians Must Oust Putin Rather than Suffer for His Imperial Ambitions, Felshtinsky Says

Felshtynsky says that he expects that "the Nuremberg trial of Putin will take place in Sevastpol", and he suggests that if they are alive, the following people should join Putin in the dock as war criminals: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Putin's Ribbentrop, Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, advisor Vyacheslav Surkov, Security Council secretary Nikolay Patrushev, Russian fascist Dmitry Rogozin, and a number of others. — Paul Goble

Apologies for Vladimir

24 Mar 2014     Apologies for Vladimir

Our new Kremlinogists now tell us that Mr. Putin's gambits need to be understood in the context of Russia's historic foreign policy objectives.  True up to a point.  But Mr. Putin is also pursuing his own interests as ringleader in a corrupt oligarchy sitting on the economic time bomb that is a commodities-based economy. — Bret Stephens

Thousands of Russians Protest Putin's Aggression in Ukraine

18 Mar 2014     Thousands of Russians Protest Putin's Aggression in Ukraine

On Saturday, between 50,000 and 80,000 people marched through the streets and boulevards of downtown Moscow to protest Vladimir Putin's aggression against Ukraine and his illegal annexation of Crimea. — Vladimir Kara-Murza

Russia can reduce the United Stated to radioactive ash

16 Mar 2014     Vladimir Putin Has Lost The Capacity To Govern

Russia can reduce the United States to radioactive ash. — Dmitry Kiselyev

Vladimir Putin

14 Mar 2014     Why the Crimean referendum is illegal

What if the presence of Russian troops intimidates voters, so the process is not "free and fair"?  What about the possibility that Russia is bussing in large numbers of native Russians to stack the deck? — Lea Brilmayer

Putin's billboard in Crimea

13 Mar 2014     Crying "Fascist" on Ukraine

The Russian media and Russian politicians claim it is their duty to confront Ukraine's "fascism."  What does that emotionally charged label really mean?  And who has the right to hang it on whom? — Andrew Wood

Putin's Crimean Trap

13 Mar 2014     Putin's Crimean Trap

After this treaty violation, Moscow's signature on any agreement will be worthless. — Vladimir Ryzhkov

Vladimir Putin in Jerusalem Post

12 Mar 2014     The Truth About Russian Intentions

The wheels of the propaganda machine are working full-steam.  Russian government officials on all levels, and Russian media, both print and online, are spreading lies about every aspect of the conflict. — Anya Zhuravel Segal

Top Five Myths

11 Mar 2014     Top 5 Myths About Russia's Invasion of Crimea

Putin's explanations have the same credibility as a 5-year-old boy who left the top of the cookie jar open and has crumbs all over his face — and then tells his mother, "I didn't eat any cookies!" — Michael Bohm

Vladimir Putin goes insane

10 Mar 2014     Vladimir Putin Goes Mad

That Putin was not the Putin we saw today.  Today's Putin was nervous, angry, cornered, and paranoid, periodically illuminated by flashes of his own righteousness.  Here was an authoritarian dancing uncomfortably in his new dictator shoes, squirming in his throne. — Julia Ioffe

The Perception of Putin as Hitler is Contagious

10 Mar 2014     The Perception of Putin as Hitler is Contagious

A photo journey round the world

Tony Blair doing London's Laundry Business

07 Mar 2014     London's Laundry Business

Here, in their capital city, the English are no longer calling the shots.  They are hirelings. — Ben Judah

Ukrainian and Israeli flags together

05 Mar 2014     Open letter of Ukrainian Jews to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin

You consciously pick and choose lies and slander from the massive amount of information about Ukraine.  And you know very well that Victor Yanukovich's statement concerning the time after the latest treaty had been signed that "...Kyiv is full of armed people who have begun to trash buildings, places of worship, churches.  Innocent people have begun to suffer.  People have simply been robbed and killed in the street..." are lies, from the first word to the very last. — Josef Zisels, Alexander Suslensky, Andrei Adamovsky, Rabbi Alex Dukhovny, Rabbi Reuven Stamov, Alexander Paskhaver, Leonid Finberg, ... and others.


05 Mar 2014     President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine

As Russia spins a false narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine, the world has not seen such startling Russian fiction since Dostoyevsky wrote, "The formula 'two times two equals five' is not without its attractions." — U.S. Department of State

Anders Aslund

05 Mar 2014     Why Putin Is Likely To Lose His War Over Crimea

After occupying the Crimean parliament, the Russian troops appointed a representative of a marginal pro-Russian party that got 4 percent of the vote in the last regional elections to the post of "prime minister."  This appointee, Sergei Aksyonov, is better known under his criminal nickname "Goblin," which he earned as an alleged member of an organized crime group in the 1990s.  The Kremlin needed to turn to such an insignificant and dubious figure, because there was no substantial separatist movement in Crimea, no inter-ethnic violence and no discrimination against Russians or the Russian language in Ukraine. — Anders Aslund

Viktor Yanukovych

19 Feb 2014     Vitya Ciao!

Former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer once said, "In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity."  Every one of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's recent actions provides living proof of this statement. — Yulia Latynina

Lesya Orobets

18 Feb 2014     Lesya Orobets: Report from Kiev

This massacre was carefully planned in advance and is intended to eventually destroy any trace of democracy in Ukraine. — Lesya Orobets

Dmytro Bulatov

08 Feb 2014     Lubomyr Prytulak: The Sad Case of Dmytro Bulatov

The Opposition must consider that to go along with what may seem like a little white lie is to take a step toward adopting Cheka tactics, which would give the Ukrainian people reason to fear that their revolution will end the way George Orwell warns that revolutions can end — with the people looking from Oppositionist to Chekist and from Chekist to Oppositionist, and from Oppositionist to Chekist again, but no longer being able to tell which is which. — Lubomyr Prytulak

Lesya Orobets

29 Jan 2014     Lesya Orobets: Two Bad Days In January

Засіданням Уряду України в понеділок було прийняте рішення про збільшення кількості "Беркуту" з 5 тисяч до 30 тисяч. — Леся Оробець

At the meeting of the Ukrainian Government on Monday, it was decided that the number of "Berkuts" would be increased from 5 thousand to 30 thousand. — Lesya Orobets

Putin Russian Despot

07 Jan 2014     Lubomyr Prytulak     Sochi 2014 according to Putin

How many more, Mr Putin?  How long are we supposed to mourn fellow journalists who died trying to tell us, and their fellow Russians, what a slack, slimy, savage state you run? — Editorial, The Guardian

EuroMaidan victim poster by Alexander Lisovsky

25 Dec 2013   Prytulak to Putin: Berkut attack on EuroMaidan 30 Nov to 01 Dec 2013

"Why are they against the Berkut?  It's because the Berkut keeps them within the boundaries of the constitution and the law.  It does not allow them to violate the law.  They want to break the law and the Berkut does not let them." — Berkut officer Yuriy Viktorovych called out of retirement for service in Kiev

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