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Tetyana Chornovol confronts Viktor Yanukovych in 2007

Uploaded on Dec 25, 2007

Reporter:  Um ... Viktor Fedorovych, the state residence Mezhyhirya, where you still reside, was privatized by a murky firm a few months ago.  Could you please tell how it is moral to talk about the sale of state-owned residences in open-bid auctions while doing your own privatizing the backdoor way?

Yanukovych:  I didn't hear you well, and ... um ... I mean ... you meant ... um ...

Reporter:  The residence near Novy Petrivtsi ...

Yanukovych:  ... you meant me perso ... me personally?

Reporter:  Yes, you personally.

Yanukovych:  I want to tell you, notify you, that if you print unfounded claims, I will sue you.

Reporter:  Could you please tell what's unfounded here?

Yanukovych:  ... and will sue you in a court — listen, listen to me carefully — in an international court, which I will specify for you later.

Yanukovych:  Don't play, don't play games with me, because I'm a living human being.  And don't offend me, because ....

Transcript based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BKbzEBALGw