A member of Putin's Rent-a-Mob?
by Lubomyr Prytulak
Posted on  www.xoxol.org/putin/putin-rent-a-mob.html  03-May-2014  12:50pm PST, last revised 07-May-2014 08:25am PST


A man who identifies himself as Bratislav Zivkovic from Krusevac, Serbia was featured in Simon Ostrovsky's Dispatch Five from Crimea, claiming to have recently arrived in Crimea to assist in the defense of local Russophones.  Zivkovic's only motivation, he claims, is to remain loyal to the principle that Serbs and Russians have traditionally come to each other's assitance over the ages.

Zivkovic is distinguished by his wealth of black facial hair, a large mole on his right cheek, a smaller mole under his left eye, and under that a still smaller mole, barely visible in this still.

It will prove helpful to note the characteristics of the tassel hanging from Zivkovic's hat, and the insignia on his left breast consisting of an eagle mounted on an annulus.


In a different video bearing the Russian title Православный фашизм в России (Orthodox Fascism in Russia), the same Bratislav Zivkovic (let us continue to call him) demonstrates on behalf of Orthodox Fascists in Russia.

We can be sure that this is the same individual because he has the same facial hair, and the same three moles, the two under his left eye most clearly visible in the still opposite.

Although Zivkovic's hat may at first glance be taken to be the same in the two videos, a closer look at the tassel shows that the ball in the middle of the tassel is bigger here, and the tuft constituting its base is smaller and at the same time more tattered toward the bottom.

The uniform, too, is no longer camouflage, and the eagle insignia on his left breast has lost its annulus, among other differences.

It would seem, then, that Zivkovic does not travel with a uniform uniquely his own, but may be issued a fresh outfit at each of his appearances.


The mole on Zivkovic's right cheek, hidden in the still above, becomes clearly visible in the still opposite.

Further Zivkovic appearances on the Orthodox Fascism in Russia video:

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If Bratislav Zivkovic, or whatever his real name is, has been continuously employed over the past few months, then videos may be discovered showing him playing still other roles in still other places.  To continue being employable in Vladimir Putin's rent-a-mob enterprise, though, Zivkovic needs to rid himself of his salient characteristics.  Or, more simply, he can start wearing a mask, the method that others who have reason to avoid being identified have been finding expedient.