Vladimir Putin: Berkut attack on EuroMaidan 30 Nov to 01 Dec 2013

Berkut-03 gives the boy in the gutter his third kick
Berkut-03 kick

"Why are they against the Berkut?  It's because the Berkut keeps them within the boundaries of the constitution and the law.  It does not allow them to violate the law.  They want to break the law and the Berkut does not let them." — Berkut officer Yuriy Viktorovych called out of retirement for service in Kiev

25 Dec 2013

Vladimir Putin, President
23 Ilyinka Street
Moscow 103132

Vladimir Putin:


Some still photos of injuries inflicted on EuroMaidan 30 Nov to 01 Dec 2013:

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Putin-Yanukovych spill blood on EuroMaidan

Implicit Confession Of Guilt

If journalists and photographers and their equipment were particularly targetted in the Berkut attacks, this might be taken as evidence that the attackers were aware of their culpability, and were not only destroying evidence of it, but also were discouraging its future collection and broadcast.  One of the several journalists in the photographs of injuries above is described by the Kyiv Post as having been struck more than thirty times, whose implausibility will vanish when we see videos below of the large numbers of blows rained down on other victims.

  Ukrainian journalist Denys Danko beaten by Putin-Yanukovch goons
1+1 Channel journalist Denys Danko was hit more than 30 times by police on Dec. 1 while covering pro-European demonstrations.

Kyiv Post logo
Two journalist organizations "strongly condemn brutal attacks against journalists in Ukraine"
03 Dec 2013    4:55 pm

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) have strongly condemned the brutal attacks by Ukrainian security forces against journalists covering the mass protests in Kiev.  [...]

According to media reports, dozens of local and international journalists were attacked and had their equipment damaged while covering the protests.  Several reporters are said to have suffered injuries, including broken bones and head wounds, as a result of being hit by rocks, flash grenades and gas pellets.  There have also been reports that police have beaten journalists even though they had valid press cards and identified themselves as reporters.

Among those journalists injured were Alexandre Perevoznik, a photographer for LigaBusinessInform who was beaten by police despite showing his press card, Roman Kupriyanov, a cameraman for Euronews who was beaten when he tried to take a photo of an injured man lying on the ground, Serhiy Chuzavkov, a journalist from Associated Press who received a head injury, and Dmytro Larin, a journalist for "Ukrainska Pravda", who was attacked by police while filming despite the fact he was wearing an orange press vest.

"We are deeply angry at the level of extreme violence against journalists covering events in the Ukraine," said EFJ President Mogens Blicher Bjerregård.  "It is clear that these were attempts to use fear, intimidation and violence to intimidate the media in the Ukraine and silence freedom of expression.  This cannot be tolerated and we demand that the safety and freedom of the country's media is protected."    www.kyivpost.com/~


Who is being accused?  Firstly, the Berkut.  As Viktor Yanukovych commands the Berkut, then also Viktor Yanukovych.  As Vladimir Putin commands Viktor Yanukovych, then also Vladimir Putin.

Viktor Yanukovych sells Ukraine to Russia

Vladimir Putin's children: President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

Yanukovych is only one of many Putin guises

And what are Putin-Yanukovych accused of?

Plan A

The Putin-Yanukovych Plan A was to keep Ukrainians happy in anticipation of joining the European Union, but at the last minute before signing, to announce that the deal was a bad one, and that Russia was offering a better, which announcement was expected to make Ukrainians even happier.

However, EuroMaidan repugnance toward Plan A necessitated the creation of Plan B.

Plan B

Plan B was the adoption of the Tiananmen Square 1989 precedent of crushing dissent with overwhelming force.  In China, hundreds of demonstrators had been killed, maybe even thousands, and yet the public-relations setback was brief, and the pacification achieved was lasting.  Why couldn't that model be made to work in Ukraine?

It is the beginning of the implementation of Plan B, and more specifically the violence unleashed in EuroMaidan on 30 Nov and 01 Dec 2013, which is the subject of this letter.

However, Putin-Yanukovych had taken insufficient notice of the Rodney King 1991 precedent, made particularly relevant today by the proliferation of video cameras, and so were unprepared for the dissemination of atrocity scenes and the outrage they provoked.  Putin would have tolerated the bad publicity, were it not for the danger that the world would view events as the Russian Anschluss of Ukraine, which might result in a boycott of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic games, just as the Russian invasion of Afghanistan had led to a boycott of the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic games, and so Plan B had to be abandoned in favor of Plan C.

Plan C

Plan C was to get protestors to go home by having Yanukovych promise that the European agreement would be signed in March 2014, and when March arrived, refuse to sign and go Tiananmen.  The efficacy of brutal repression had never been doubted, and this time no threat of Olympic boycott would inhibit it.

However, Yanukovych credibility had sunk so low that nobody believed he would sign on with Europe in March, and so the EuroMaidan protestors did not disperse, which led to the adoption of Plan D, which is the plan being implemented today.

Plan D

Plan D is to stop making promises about joining Europe, and simply let the protestors occupy EuroMaidan until the end of the Olympics, during which interval the number of protestors was expected to shrink, and the world was expected to lose interest.  And when March arrived, clear EuroMaidan once and for ever by giving Ukrainians a heavy dose of Tiananmen, and rename EuroMaidan as Friendship Among Nations Maidan.

And of course put the two-month wait to good use spreading terror outside EuroMaidan, a component of Plan D which is already being implemented, as for example in the attack on journalist Tetyana Chornovol earlier today, shown in the photos below both before and after Putin-Yanukovych goons delivered the message to her to give up the idea of practicing freedom of speech and of the press in Ukraine.

Putin-Yanukovych victim Tetiana Chornovol
Tetyana Chornovol beaten by Viktor Yanukovych goons
www.huffingtonpost.com/~     www.onenewspage.us/~     www.startribune.com/~     www.kansas.com/~
    www.bbc.co.uk/~          In addition to "Chornovol", media also use "Chornovil" and "Chernovil".

Four videos concerning the Tetyana Chornovol attack:

Tetyana Chornovol displays the feistiness which makers her a perpetual thorn in Viktor Yanukovych's side, whereas Viktor Yanukovych displays the skill of the gangster in getting across to her that as he holds the power of life and death over her, he does not have to go to the trouble of trying to answer her questions:

Tetyana Chornovol confronts Viktor Yanukovych

Tetyana Chornovol performs some hair-raising driving in her efforts to escape a pursuing black Porsche Cayenne filled with Viktor Yanukovych thugs in this high-speed chase.  In the beginning of the video, Chornovol tries to outrace the pursuing Porsche which later becomes visible to her dashcam when it tries to intercept her.

Tetyana Chornovol car chase video

EuroNews backgrounder and recap.  Photo below is of Tetyana Chornovol's car after repeated ramming by the Porsche Cayenne:

Tetyana Chornovol car after chase

Tetyana Chornovol speaks from hospital.

Tetyana Chornovol in hospital


The defense boils down to benevolent intention combined with unbearable provocation, as expressed below by two Berkuts who seem to have been called out of retirement for special duty in Kiev, despite their story of being on holiday.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty LOGO  
Reporter's Notebook:
Bunking With The Berkut
By Tom Balmforth    December 06, 2013    www.rferl.org/~

The Berkut is Ukraine's most feared special-forces unit and is being vilified by tens of thousands of protesters in the capital, Kyiv. RFE/RL's Tom Balmforth happened to share a train cabin with two Berkut veterans and talked politics with them over vodka, cognac, salo, and quail eggs.

Two Berkuts heading for Kiev

DONETSK/KYIV, Ukraine — Utter the name "Berkut" to a protester on the streets of Kyiv and you will get a look of disdain and likely a stream of expletives.

Since members of Ukraine's special police forces brutally beat student demonstrators on Independence Square last weekend, the Berkut ("Golden Eagle") has emerged as a central target of abuse among the thousands of protesters gathered against President Viktor Yanukovych in the capital.

Graffiti sprayed on the city-council building on Kyiv's central Kreshchatyk Street carries slogans like: "Out with the convict [Yanukovych], death to the Berkut."

Out with the convict.  Death to Berkut

It is, therefore, with a fair bit of apprehension that I discover I'll be bunking with two veterans of the elite police squad on a 13-hour overnight train ride from Donetsk to Kyiv.  [...]

But more than anything, they ooze a corporate pride for the special forces — and bristle at the recent criticism.

"What people are saying about the department being created to crassly disperse protests is a fundamentally incorrect opinion," Aleksandr says.  "The main task of the OMON special forces was to battle against organized crime."

And although Aleksandr admits that they may have "gone too far" with the beating of protesters last weekend, both say they believe the Berkut was carrying out orders correctly and was most probably reacting to violent protesters who provoked the crackdown.

Yuriy rejects the scorn being meted out at the Berkut.  "Who is against the Berkut?  Who are these people against Berkut?  They are aggressive and destructive elements.  They are provocateurs," he says.

"Why are they against the Berkut?  It's because the Berkut keeps them within the boundaries of the constitution and the law.  It does not allow them to violate the law," he adds.  "They want to break the law and the Berkut does not let them."

'Risking Their Lives' For Others' Peace

[...]  "The people who have put on this uniform risk their lives every day to maintain the peaceful lives of simple citizens who often do not see what is happening around them," he says.

The Berkut "takes this burden on its shoulders and risks their heads, their lives and their health.  Even though they all have behind them families and children."

The question arises, therefore, of which is more justified — the prevalent view that the Berkut serves to suppress lawful dissent and that it went on a sadistic rampage on EuroMaidan, or the Berkut view that it fulfilled its mandate of protecting the rule of law and that it was "reacting to violent protestors who provoked the crackdown".

To begin finding out what happened on EuroMaidan, we turn to two videos, produced respectively by Vidro and by EuroNews.


The VIDRO VIDEO reveals more detail the bigger the screen on which it is viewed, and the higher its resolution.  The video available here is set to play at 1280x738 pixels, but certain questions can be clarified only by expanding play to full screen on a 2560x1600 monitor.

Click to view high resolution VIDRO VIDEO

Furthermore, the Vidro Video contains scenes that are so complex and that move so quickly that many of its valuable threads can be identified and followed only with the help of a frame-by-frame analysis.

Throughout this letter, government troops will be referred to as Berkuts even though in many cases they are dressed in the uniforms of the "Militsia", meaning Police, or those of the Interior Ministry, and perhaps from still other formations, perhaps even troops shipped in from Russia.  The simplification of referring to them collectively as Berkuts gets around the difficulty of identification when the uniforms vary within a unit, and many troops have no written identification on their uniforms, and some may be outfitted in wrong uniforms to conceal their true origin.  Referring to them all as Berkuts signifies also that the Berkuts possibly were responsible for the bulk of the outrages, and that all formations may have been under unitary command, or at least under coordinated command, and that all may have been exhorted to demonstrate the same high level of brutality that was expected from the Berkuts.

The scenes below are presented in the order in which they appeared in the Vidro video.  Several valuable incidents have been omitted simply because the blows were a little less frequent, or because they were too far away for clear viewing.  The clock times accompanying stills permit anyone to quickly locate any given scene within the video, and so to verify the conclusions proposed here, or to arrive at independent conclusions.  Clarification of what is happening often requires viewing at normal speed to be supplemented with frame-by-frame inspection.

The First Three Blows On The Vidro Video Were Struck By Berkut-01
(an 8-second story)

In the first few frames below, the closeness of the action brings the defect of severely-blurred stills, but brings also the advantage of being able to hear what is happening — in which case it is the audible thwak that may be decisive in deciding when a blow has been struck more than anything visible in the video or the stills.

As the Berkuts rush at the demonstrators, we come across Berkut-01 about to strike his first blow.

01:28a   Berkut-01 runs with his truncheon raised to strike a civilian that he sees sitting on the ground.
Berkut-01 runs with his truncheon raised

01:28b   The truncheon, indicated by the white arrow, has been set in motion, its seeming curvature being an artifact of its top being rotated faster than its bottom.
Berkut-01 begins to strike with his truncheon

01:28c   Berkut-01 has just struck with his truncheon, and left sitting on the ground, a man wearing blue and yellow ribbons on his chest.  When the camera is this close to the action, it is possible to know that a truncheon blow has been delivered by hearing it..
Berkut-01 has just bludgeoned a man sitting on the ground

01:29a   From the reflection on the left shoulder, the black jacket may be taken to be a leather jacket.  The victim seems to be holding something black on his head, perhaps headwear of some kind, or perhaps some other object that he is using to protect his head from being struck.
Berkut-01 victim left sitting on the ground

01:29b   A second Berkut runs by, his helmet appearing to the left of the "V" in "Vidro" in the still below.  Although the video does not capture the motion of his truncheon, the same thwak that could be heard when Berkut-01's truncheon connected can be heard again.  We credit the downed man with having been struck twice so far, and as he seems to have been already down on the ground when Berkut-01 reached him, then possibly struck to the ground before B-01's arrival, though as we don't have video evidence of any earlier blow, we do not tally it.
Berkut-01 victim is clubbed by a second Berkut

01:30a   A mere second or so later, we see Berkut-01 gaining on Berkut-00 (who is of only momentary interest).  We know that this is Berkut-01 because we have been able to follow him continuously in the video.  Berkut-00 is conducting a hooded civilian: Berkut-00's left hand holds the civilian's left arm, and Berkut-00's right hand, gripping a truncheon, rests on the civilian's back.  My guess is that Berkut-00 is signalling to all around him that the civilian is under his arrest in order to protect him from attack.  If Berkut-00 had really meant to arrest this civilian, he would have led him not forward into the thick of the confrontation, but backward to deliver him to senior officers in the rear.  My hypothesis is that Berkut-00 is leading this civilian forward because he intends to release him in a place where the civilian can easily rejoin other civilians, and with them escape the Berkut onslaught.
Berkut-01 sees another civilian that he wants to club

01:30b   In any case, Berkut-01 runs around to the right and swerves in toward the hooded civilian, truncheon raised.
Berkut-01 approaches a hooded civilian who is under arrest

01:31a   Berkut-01 raises his truncheon to the max.
Manic sadist Berkut-01 raises his truncheon to club a civilian under arrest

01:31b   Berkut-01 clubs the hooded civilian from behind.  At this point we lose track of B-00 and his arrested civilian.
Mani sadist Berkut-01 clubs a civilian who is under arrest

01:35   Some four seconds later, Berkut-01 comes across another civilian lying motionless in the gutter, and instantly gives him a powerful kick.
Berkut-01 kicks a civilian lying in the gutter

To summarize, Berkut-01's three attacks were on civilians who were unresisting and defenseless.  Attacking a civilian already under arrest is particularly significant, as the arrest indicates that a Berkut decision has been made with respect to the detained civilian and that decision is being processed, so that any new Berkut who arrives on the scene and begins an attack can be interpreted as following a higher-priority command, which is to maximize damage in disregard of all other considerations.

What The Berkuts Did To The Boy Lying In A Gutter
(a 12-second story)

The civilian being kicked by Berkut-01 immediately above is fated to receive 11 impacts from 6 Berkuts.  This is the most sustained attack appearing on the Vidro video (though a much longer one will be seen on the EuroNews video).  As the Eleven-Impact Victim was already lying motionless at the start of the video, it may be surmised that he had been incapacitated by earlier kicks and truncheon blows; and as the camera does not stay with him until he is afforded protection, it may also be guessed that he suffered further attacks after the camera left him.  The eleven impacts, therefore, may be viewed as a low estimate of the harm inflicted.

Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts,

Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-01 Kick-01   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-02 Kick-02   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-03 Club-01   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-03 Club-02   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-03 Club-03
01:35  Berkut-01  Kick-01   01:39  Berkut-02  Kick-02
to the head

  01:40  Berkut-03  Club-01
  01:41  Berkut-03  Club-02
to the head
  01:42  Berkut-03  Club-03
Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-03 Kick-03   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-03 Club-04, Berkut-04 Club-05   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-05 Kick-04   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-05 Club-06   Eleven-Impact Victim of the Berkuts, Berkut-06 Kick-05
01:43  Berkut-03  Kick-03
to the head

  01:44  Berkut-03  Club-04
Berkut-04  Club-05
  01:45  Berkut-05  Kick-04   01:46  Berkut-05  Club-06
to the head
  01:47  Berkut-06  Kick-05
The Berkut numbers above serve to identify the Berkut attackers by the order in which they conducted their attacks.  The Kick and Club numbers cumulatively count the number of kicks and clubbings inflicted on the victim.

   Berkut ID       Kicks       Clubs       TOTAL   
 1  1  0  1
 2  1  0  1
 3  1  4  5
 4  0  1  1
 5  1  1  2
 6  1  0  1
TOTAL  5  6 11

The video shows that the majority of Berkuts passed by without participating in the attack on this particular victim.  And the summary in the table above shows more clearly that those who did participate made unequal contributions, Berkut-03 standing out with his one kick and four truncheon strikes.  But even those who participated minimally may have gone out of their way to do so — for example, Berkut-06, who delivered the last of the videod kicks, started out at the extreme right of the screen, and had to cut across the running Berkuts to reach the victim so he could donate his one kick.

Trapped By ThrasherBerkut
(a 5-second story)

A victim is trapped in the V between a partly-opened gate and the wall to which it is attached.  ThrasherBerkut clubs the victim to the ground, and continues clubbing as if unable to stop.  The camera leaves after six strokes, so the final count can be imagined to have climbed higher.

A still was selected for presentation here when the truncheon was most clearly visible, which tended to be when it had been raised to its peak, and therefore stillest.  A truncheon in motion leaves only a barely-visible blur.  At 01:55 and 01:56, the camera dipped so that the peak of the motion was off picture, and so a blurred downstroke was all that remained to be shown.

Other troops watch ThrasherBerkut's work through the grill of the gate, one would hope with horror and loathing at the barbarity they are witnessing, and with admonishment to let up.  The white arrow in each still points to the truncheon.

ThrasherBerkut Club-01
ThrasherBerkut Club-02
ThrasherBerkut Club-03
ThrasherBerkut Club-04
ThrasherBerkut Club-05
ThrasherBerkut Club-06

CellPhoneMan Meets PhoneSmashingBerkut and StoneThrowingBerkut
(an 11-second story)

CellPhoneMan uses cell phone to record events on EuroMaidan  

02:26a   The horizontal arrow on the left points to a cell phone being used by CellPhoneMan either to photograph or to video.  Two down arrows point to two Berkuts who are going to interfere, and will continue to be so marked as long as they remain visible in the stills in this series, PhoneSmashingBerkut on the left and StoneThrowingBerkut on the right.

PhoneSmashingBerkut raises his truncheon to strike CellPhoneMan on EuroMaidan  

02:26b   PhoneSmashingBerkut raises his truncheon.

PhoneSmashingBerkut smashes the cell phone out of the hand of CellPhoneMan on EuroMaidan  

02:27a   PhoneSmashingBerkut smashes his truncheon downward knocking the cell phone out of CellPhoneMan's hand, seemingly indifferent to the possibility that this manner of breaking a cell phone may involve also breaking the hand.  PhoneSmashingBerkut's right arm is the blur sweeping downward in a south-west orientation.  The falling cell phone is marked by a white arrow.  The impact sent some other object flying at high speed far off to the left, not shown here.

CellPhoneMan's cell phone has hit the ground and broken into pieces on EuroMaidan  

02:27b   The cell phone has hit the ground and broken into several pieces.  The lower arrow points to a piece that is lying on the ground.  The upper arrow points to a piece that has bounced off the ground up into the air, and whose faint shadow can be seen beside the cell-phone piece lying on the ground.

CellPhoneMan remonstrates with PhoneSmashingBerkut for smashing his cell phone on EuroMaidan  

02:29   CellPhoneMan, together with the civilian on his left, remonstrate with PhoneSmashingBerkut.

StoneThrowingBerkut is about to throw a stone at CellPhoneMan on EuroMaidan  

02:34a   In the meantime, StoneThrowingBerkut on the upper-right has picked up a stone and has raised it in preparation for throwing.  The stone is the roundish, bright object to the upper-right of his helmet, and which he holds in his right hand.  The PhoneSmashingBerkut, though, has turned and is walking away.

StoneThrowingBerkut has hurled a rock at CellPhoneMan on EuroMaindan  

02:34b   StoneThrowingBerkut has thrown his stone.  The white arrow points to the blurred streak which marks its path.

Stone thrown by StoneThrowingBerkut hits CellPhoneMan  

02:34c   The stone has hit the back of the CellPhoneMan's coat, and emerged behind him (marked by the white arrow).  The stone has pulled the left-hand side (from his point of view) of CellPhoneMan's coat upward and to his rear.

CellPhoneMan looks around to see what has just happened to him on EuroMaidan  

02:36a   CellPhoneMan has felt the tug on his coat, and perhaps has felt the grazing impact of the stone, and has heard the fall of the stone, and turns around to see what happened, and sees the stone tumbling away from him.  PhoneSmashingBerkut turns to see what's happening.  StoneThrowingBerkut has exited the picture.

CellPhoneMan keeps trying to make sense of what has just happened to him on EuroMaidan  

02:37   The stone is still rocking in its final position, the two cell-phone pieces lie where they have fallen, CellPhoneMan looks around trying to make sense of what has just happened while possibly continuing to express his indignation to his friend.  Both of the involved Berkuts are gone.

The presence of what seems to be a professional camera crew at the bottom of the last five stills suggests that this incident may have been recorded with much greater clarity than we see it here.

Intrepid YellowGloves Scores a Direct Hit on a Berkut
(a 2-second story)

YellowGloves on EuroMaidan is about to pick up a stone to throw at the Berkuts  

03:09a   YellowGloves on the upper-left already has in his hand the stone he is going to throw.  The Berkut who is fated to be hit by that stone is on the lower-right, resting the palm of his right hand on the Berkut in front of him, which he can be seen doing in the first six stills, but not in the last two.

YellowGloves on EuroMaidan winds to throw a stone at the Berkuts  

03:09b   YellowGloves winds up for the throw.

YellowGloves on EuroMaidan has just thrown a stone at the Berkuts  

03:10a   The stone has been thrown.  The white arrow points to the blurred streak which marks the stone's flight.

YellowGloves on EuroMaidan's stone is about to hit the helmet of a Berkut  

03:10b   The white arrow marks the continuing flight of the stone, which is about to hit the helmet.

The stone thrown by YellowGloves on EuroMaidan has just struck Berkut's helmet  

03:10c   The very next frame records the impact.  The Berkut's head is knocked back, his forehead becomes visible, his visor has detached from the helmet.

The stone thrown by YellowGloves on EuroMaidan has knocked the visor off a Berkut's helmet  

03:10d   Three frames later — the Berkut's head is thrown farther back, a camera flash reflects off his falling visor which is marked by an arrow.  The stone is temporarily not visible because it happens to be falling right behind the visor.

The Berkut's helmet is falling because of the stone thrown by YellowGloves on EuroMaidan  

03:10e   Two frames later, the upper arrow points to the falling visor which happens to reflect some ambient lighting.  The lower arrow points to the stone falling just a little bit faster.

The Berkut hit by the stone thrown by YellowGloves on EuroMaidan clutches his face  

03-11   A camera flash going off illuminates the foreground.  The stricken Berkut has turned away and bent down, hands clutching face.  The stone that hit him lies on the ground some 30 cm beside his right foot.

Lionhearted YellowPants Punishes CowardlyBerkut
(a 12-second story)

As protestors flee before the attacking Berkuts, one Berkut, whom I will call CowardlyBerkut, locates a civilian considerably smaller than himself who looks like she (I'm guessing it's a female) might provide a safe outlet for his sadism, and begins to run alongside her, clubbing at her head all the while, three times it would seem, but maybe one more time when they are too far away to be clearly seen.  The exact location of CowardlyBerkut's club becomes apparent to us only when it both happens to reflect light, and when it is moving not too rapidly.  The club's location at other times needs to be inferred from preceding and following frames, as is the case in the 03:39b frame below, where the club is not clearly visible but CowardlyBerkut is taken to be delivering a blow because his arm is more extended than it had been in immediately-preceding frames.

03:38a   CowardlyBerkut's first club strike.  Arrow points to tip of truncheon.
CowardlyBerkut's first club strike


03:38b   CowardlyBerkut retracts truncheon for a second strike.  Arrow points to tip of truncheon.
CowardlyBerkut retracts truncheon for a second strike

03:39a   The second strike has been delivered, and the truncheon is being retracted.  Arrow points to tip of truncheon.
CowardlyBerkut's second club strike has been delivered


03:39b   A third strike probably being delivered.  Arrow points to CowardlyBerkut's right arm.
CowardlyBerkuts third truncheon strike has been delivered

In the meantime, civilian YellowPants has been running alongside, to the left of the events above, and has noted at least some of CowardlyBerkut's blows, and perhaps has also heard some of the victim's cries which we are too far away to hear, and comes to the rescue.

03:37   YellowPants sometimes runs looking straight ahead, like most of the other fleers.  Arrow points to YellowPants's cap.
YellowPants runs looking straight ahead on EuroMaidan


03:39   At other times, events to his right attract his attention, like perhaps the repeated bashing by CowardlyBerkut.  Arrow points to cap.
YellowPants runs looking sideways on EuroMaidan

03:40   And sometimes YellowPants runs while looking over his shoulder to assess the wider situation.  Arrow points to cap.
YellowPants runs looking behind him on EuroMaidan


03:42   When YellowPants reaches a stationary group of protestors, instead of running around them to the right like all the other fleers about him, he veers sharply right, and for the first time can be seen to be carrying a stick.  Left arrow points to YellowPants's cap, right arrow to middle of his stick.
YellowPants veers to the right on EuroMaidan

03:43a   Upper-left arrow points to middle of YellowPants's stick, raised high to strike CowardlyBerkut.  YellowPants's face is reduced to a faint blur, mostly because it is hidden behind his raised right arm.  Middle arrow points to top of YellowPants's right leg.  Lower-right arrow points to the left knee of the fleeing CowardlyBerkut.  CowardlyBerkut is partly hidden behind the Berkut whose back is to us, and who will strike YellowPants as he passes before him in hot pursuit of CowardlyBerkut.
YellowPants raises his stick to strike CowardlyBerkut on EuroMaidan


03:43b   Lower-left arrow points to heel of YellowPants's right leg.  Middle arrow points to right sleeve of Berkut about to strike YellowPants with his truncheon.  Right-hand arrow points to top of CowardlyBerkut's helmet.
Berkut about to strike Yellowpants with his truncheon on EuroMaidan

03:43c   Upper-left arrow points to YellowPants's cap; lower-left arrow points to YellowPants's stick; right-hand arrow points to top of CowardlyBerkut's helmet.
Yellowpants attacks CowardlyBerkut on EuroMaidan


03:44   As he continues to whack at the escaping CowardlyBerkut, YellowPants's situation becomes perilous: on the ground in front of him is CowardlyBerkut whom he is pummelling (and whom we cannot see), but the three (numbered 2-4) bright spots on three black helmets are three other Berkuts right on top of him, and behind him (numbered 1) is the Berkut who clubbed him about one second ago, at 03:43b.
As YellowPants attacks CowardlyBerkut, he is surrounded with other Berkuts on EuroMaidan

03:48   YellowPants, having delivered two blows to CowardlyBerkut, has continued running to the right, and then has veered left, and we see him here well ahead of the massed Berkuts who perhaps are little inclined to rush in pursuit of a civilian both so swift of foot and so warlike.
YellowPants outruns Berkuts on EuroMaidan


03:50   There he is, right in the middle of the still below, having not only for a moment outfought the Berkuts with his stick, but outrun them as well.
YellowPants makes his escape on EuroMaidan

When Ukraine finally wins its freedom, its President will give YellowPants a medal.  Perhaps one to YellowGloves as well.  But, as will be considered further below, maybe not.

What BoyClubbingBerkut Did To HunchedOverBoy
(a 1-second story)

What seems to me to be a boy, HunchedOverBoy I call him, is being led along by a Berkut holding each arm.  HunchedOverBoy is bent over, one would guess because he has been beaten so badly that he can't stand up straight.

HunchedOverBoy is led by two Berkuts on EuroMaidan  

04:06   On the upper-left stands BoyClubbingBerkut, his right hand, and the tip of the truncheon he holds in that right hand, being marked by arrows.

BoyClubbingBerkut gets ready to strike HunchedOverBoy on EuroMaidan  

04:07a   The freestanding BoyClubbingBerkut has put his back to the wall to allow the group to pass, and he has raised his right hand.  The last seven frames in this series, starting with the frame opposite, are continuous, which is to say with no intervening frames left out.  What is happening immediately above the HunchedOverBoy's head is what needs to be watched.

BoyClubbingBerkut's right arm begins to descend to strike HunchedOverBoy on EuroMaidan  

04:07b   BoyClubbingBerkut's right arm begins to descend.

BoyClubbingBerkut's right arm descends further to strike HunchedOverBoy on EuroMaidan  

04:07c   The truncheon, standing vertically, appears.

Truncheon strikes HunchedOverBoy on EuroMaidan  

04:07d   The truncheon connects with either the back of HunchedOverBoy's neck or his head.


04:07e   Here and in the next two frames below, HunchedOverBoy's head appears to recoil progressively lower as a result of the blow.

Head of HunchedOverBoy recoils from blow of Berkut's truncheon  


Head of HunchedOverBoy recoils from blow of BoyClubbingBerkut's truncheon  


It seems that clubbing a boy who is so badly injured that he is unable to stand without support does not violate any moral principle honored by Berkuts.

The Mystery Of HankyMan
(one of the longer stories, only 27 seconds of which have been released on video)

HankyMan, named for reasons that will become apparent shortly, was stopped along with two other civilians by Berkuts, and the trio was hectored, knocked to the ground, kicked, and beaten with truncheons.  The stills below begin when all three are still on the ground and HankyMan is having his cell phone wrestled away from him.

04:41   HankyMan's cell phone (marked by an arrow) is being forcibly confiscated by a Berkut.
HankyMan's cell phone is forcibly confiscated by a Berkut on EuroMaidan


04:44a   The Berkut lifts the cell phone (marked by an arrow) high in the air in preparation for dashing it to the ground.
Berkut lift's HankyMan's cell phone high in the air on EuroMaidan

04:44b   When the cell phone hits the ground, it breaks into two parts which are seen here bouncing back up into the air.
HankyMan's cell phone is smashed to the ground by Berkut on EuroMaidan


04:45a   A different Berkut clobbers HankyMan with his truncheon.
Berkut clobbers HankyMan with his truncheon on EuroMaidan

04:45b   And then clobbers him a second time.
Berkut clobbers HankyMan with his truncheon a second time on EuroMaidan


04:48   A new Berkut appears on the scene, and crushes one of the cell phone pieces under his heel.
Another Berkut stomps on HankyMan's cell phone on EuroMaidan

04:49   The phone-crushing Berkut then procedes to kick HankyMan in the head.
Berkut kicks HankyMan in the head on EuroMaidan


04:51   And as HankyMan struggles to get up, procedes to kick him in the back.  Hankyman's particular misfortune may be that as these Berkuts aren't hurrying anywhere, they don't just hit and run — they linger and begin thinking up further punishments to inflict.
Berkut kicks HankyMan in the back on EuroMaidan

05:02a   The Berkuts ease up, so that over the course of 11 seconds, HankyMan is slowly able to get to his feet.
HankyMan manages to get to his feet on EuroMaidan


05:02b   And in this very next frame, three astonishing things appear: (1) A cut in the video takes place.  That is, 05:02a is the last frame of the previous cut, and 05:02b is the first frame of the new cut.  In other words, time has elapsed between the two frames that are presented here side by side, how much time is impossible to tell — it could be a minute, it could be ten.  (2) HankyMan appears to have something white hanging out of his mouth.  I suppose it to be a handkerchief, which is why I call him HankyMan.  (3) The Berkut whose helmet is marked by an arrow is not standing erect or walking, he is preparing to do something.  Hankyman is walking away, and this Berkut is preparing to do something to HankyMan.
Three strange things happen to HankyMan on EuroMaidan

05:03a   The Berkut's body begins to move forward, and his truncheon (marked by two arrows) is raised high above his head.  HankyMan is disappearing from our view, though not from the Berkut's, behind an ornate pillar which supports wrought-iron fencing whose spikes can be seen at the bottom of the still.
Berkut begins his attack on the back of HankyMan on EuroMaidan


05:03b   The Berkut is beginning to take a giant stride forward, and his truncheon is ready to be launched from behind his head.
Berkut steps forward to strike HankyMan on EuroMaidan

05:03c   The Berkut has completed his giant step, and delivered his truncheon blow.
Berkut delivers his blow on back of HankyMan on EuroMaidan


05:04   When HankyMan emerges to the right of the pillar (only his head and shoulders appearing above the wrought-iron fencing), the handkerchief continues to hang from his mouth even though he is running.
HankyMan runs with handkerchief in his mouth on EuroMaidan

05:07   Three seconds later, Hankyman has emerged through a gate into a brightly-lit street, where he is accosted by still another Berkut who happens to be stationed there along with others — and the handkerchief continues to dangle from HankyMan's mouth.
HankyMan still has a handkerchief in his mouth when accosted by another Berkut on EuroMaidan


05:08a   HankyMan removes the handkerchief from his mouth, and gives the appearance of spitting into it.  Red becomes visible around his mouth.  As red-green weakness is a common affliction among males, any man who cannot see this red should ask someone with normal color vision to verify its presence.  Best to ask a woman.  Also, turn up monitor brightness and reduce ambient light.
Hankyman removes handkerchief from mouth on EuroMaidan

05:08b   It may be the case that HankyMan is folding the handkerchief, such that it seems narrower than when it was nearer his mouth.  Here, and in the next frame, red continues to be visible about the mouth.
Hankyman removes handkerchief from mouth on EuroMaidan


05:08c   As HankyMan lowers his right arm, he appears to pinch the handkerchief together.
Hankyman removes handkerchief from mouth on EuroMaidan

What is going on?  The destruction of Hankyman's telephone needs no explanation beyond the obvious one — that when the Berkuts are engaged in shameful and criminal behavior, they don't want anybody recording it.  Their destruction of cell phones is a destruction of evidence of their guilt, and shows that they are aware of their guilt.  If they thought they were acting lawfully, they would feel no need to destroy cell phones.  If they thought they were acting commendably, they would welcome cell phones.

And the attack on HankyMan from the rear calls for no unique explanation either — the same can be seen happening again and again over the course of the Vidro and EuroNews videos.  Sadists gravitate to this line of work, and for this particular assignment, their orders positively commanded sadism.

But the removal of a section of the video, and the handkerchief in the mouth, are novel events, and perhaps can be explained together as follows.  HankyMan's mistreatment included an injury to his mouth, inflicted by a truncheon or a punch or a kick or a shield .  Perhaps teeth were knocked out.  Thus, HankyMan may have clenched on the handkerchief to stanch the flow of blood from his injuries and to keep keep blood and saliva from running down his chin.

Compatible with this explanation of HankyMan is the explanation of the enormous incongruity hovering over the two videos under discussion here — that although much blood flowed on the Maidan, the videos show pretty much none, and although much injury was inflicted, the videos show pretty much none of that either.  The gory injuries that we saw in the photographs at the beginning of this page are not shown being inflicted in these two videos.  But surely at least one of those bloodied was videod at the time of his attack.

Wounded man on EuroMaidan appears in video Vitya Ciao
Vitya Ciao video


That such gory video footage does exist is suggested by a snippet within the video Vitya Ciao, meaning "Viktor Yanukovych Goodbye", where Vitya is a nickname for Viktor and Ciao is Italian.  That video snippet shows a man on the ground who has been the victim of a frightful attack, not the most frighful that was inflicted during the two days in question, I am sure, but with results more frightul than anything appearing in the Vidro or EuroNews videos.  The original of the video of this particular scene might well extend backward in time to when the blow was struck.  If such antecedent footage has been withheld, it may be because it too accurately measures Berkut bloodlust.

Woman beaten by Berkuts on EuroMaidan 2013
Woman beaten by Berkuts during EuroMaidan 2013


Also missing from the two videos is any attack on women, though we have reason to believe that such attacks did take place.  I did represent CowardlyBerkut's victim as a woman, but I was only guessing.

And the image below, captioned "The first victim", seems to be that of a woman.

The First Victim on EuroMaidan 2013 may have been a woman

Another story not being released to the public, but which I have heard spoken of, is a boy pleading with medics to save his eye which had been injured by a concussion grenade.  And I have heard that blood flowed not just from scalp wounds but also from visibly-crushed skulls.

And with the Berkut beatings being often so vigorous and so prolonged, it would be a miracle if nobody was killed.  Is the following the only body found on EuroMaidan, and is it plausible that blood is naturally scattered around a man who dies of an ulcer in a public place?

Autopsy being performed on the body found on EuroMaidan

Dec. 6, 7:36 a.m.  The body found in EuroMaidan in the early hours of Dec. 6 is being autopsied, a source familiar with the matter told the Kyiv Post, asking to remain anonymous because he is not officially authorized to comment on the issue.  There are two witnesses involved in the examination.  According to the preliminary conclusions, the man died from natural causes and the blood that was found around him was due to a bleed that may have been caused by an ulcer. — Katya Gorchinskaya     www.kyivpost.com/~

The Vidro and EuroNews videos, it might be conjectured, fail to show serious injury, attacks on women, and attacks that killed because they are sanitized versions of what happened.  They are produced by those who want to rein in Berkut lawlessness a tad, but who do not want to discredit Berkut altogether, do not want Berkut dismantled, do not want to destabilize the status quo to such a degree that Le Peuple reenact La Prise De La Bastille, because that would entail oligarch booty being confiscated, and further oligarch theft being blocked.  The uncensored video of EuroMaidan atrocities remains to be created.

Man Wearing Ribbons On His Jacket
(a 4-second story)

04:51a   As this civilian jogs along, the ribbons attached to the top of his jacket sometimes float up into his face.  The color of the ribbons is probably blue and yellow, but which is not clear in many stills because of bad lighting.
Ribbom Man runs with ribbons streaming in the wind on EuroMaidan


04:51b   More usually, the ribbons flutter a little lower. 
Ribbom Man runs with ribbons streaming in the wind on EuroMaidan

04:52a   When the man is accosted by a Berkut raising his truncheon, he raises his hands in fear.
Ribbon Man on EuroMaidan raises hands in fear when accosted by Merkut with truncheon raised on EuroMaidan


04:52b   The Berkut rams the corner of his shield into the man's face, reminding us that a shield is not exclusively a tool of defense.
Berkut rams shield into face of Ribbon Man on EuroMaidan

04:52c   And then strikes him with his truncheon, it looks like on the head.
Berkut strikes Ribbon Man on head with truncheon on EuroMaidan


04:53a   And then a second time, again possibly on the head. 
Berkut strikes Ribbon Man on head with truncheon a second time on EuroMaidan

04:54a   And a third.
Berkut strikes Ribbon Man on head with truncheon a third time on EuroMaidan


04:55   And then a fellow-Berkut squeezes in to the first Berkut's left, and delivers a fourth blow.
Ribbon Man is struck a fourth time by a Berkut on EuroMaidan

As the assailants push the ribboned man toward the lower-left, and as the camera moves upward, his further fate becomes obscured, and so we are unable to advance beyond our preliminary tally of one shield slam to the face followed by four truncheon blows — perhaps all punishment for the sin of wearing blue and yellow ribbons in Ukraine.

The Escape Of BackPackBoy
(a 9-second story)

BackPackBoy is about to be kicked from behind by FetishBerkut on EuroMaidan  

05:06   The Hankyman episode which is shown ending in this and the next still overlaps with the beginning of The Escape of BackPackBoy.

Slight-of-build BackPackBoy emerges from the yellow-brick gate, hands held up in a gesture of surrender.  A Berkut immediately behind can be seen in the still to be already raising his leg, whose thigh is marked by the white asterisk on the left, to deliver a mighty kick from behind.  Perhaps this is the same Berkut who clobbered HankyMan from behind.  Perhaps attacking people from behind is his fetish.  Let us call him FetishBerkut.

BackPackBoy is about to fall after being kicked from behind by FetishBerkut on EuroMaidan  

05:08   FetishBerkut has just kicked BackPackBoy.  The upper asterisk is placed just below FetishBerkut's right knee which we are viewing from behind, and the lower asterisk is on BackPackBoy's right ankle, left behind as his body is impelled forward by the kick, which will result in his being thrown to the ground.

A second Berkut is about to kick BackPackBoy lying on the ground on EuroMaidan  

05:09   The asterisk on the left is on the knee of a second Berkut who is about to kick downed BackPackBoy, which will be BackPackBoy's second kick, that we know of.  The upper asterisk on the right is on BackPackBoy's cap, the lower is on his wrist.

BackPackBoy lying on the ground is about to receive his third kick from a Berkut  

05:12   BackPackBoy, now rolled onto his back, is about to receive a third kick from a third Berkut.

BackPackBoy whacked on the back of the head on EuroMaidan  

05:15 As BackPackBoy makes a dash for freedom, successful from what can be seen in the video, the Berkut who most recently kicked him slams him across the back of the head with his hand, with enough force to knock the head forward.

The bad news is that the number of impacts received by BackPackBoy is 3 kicks + 1 being thrown to the ground + 1 slam on the back of the head = 5.  The good news is that he was able to run away.


  EuroNews video on Berkut attack on civilians at EuroMaidan 2013

The longest-attacked victim in the EURONEWS video opposite is the man in the black leather jacket who holds up his hands defensively as the man in blue is pushed backward.  The video shows the man in black seeming to fall spontaneously, perhaps in the hope that lying motionless on the ground will guarantee his safety.

What the EuroNews video shows happening subsequently to the the man-in-black is the most monstrous of all the crimes appearing in the Vidro and EuroNews videos.  I count him receiving a total of 27 club blows, many applied to his head, plus 3 kicks, the last of which may have been delivered to his testicles from behind, and which caused him to roll over on his stomach to prevent the same being repeated.  Although both the beginning and end of the attack on him were captured on video, the camera temporarily leaves him three times, once at the height of the attack, so that the true number of his blows is undoubtedly greater than the 30 that can be counted.  This victim too offers no hint of resistance to the Berkut and poses not the slightest threat to them or to anyone.

As the EuroNews video does not offer the same high complexity which makes significant events easy to miss, it does not call for the presentation of stills — pretty much everything worth noting can be grasped simply by watching the video at normal speed.

The similarity between the man-in-black in the EuroNews video above and the man-in-black that we saw earlier being tended by medics in the Vidro video is so striking, right down to the ribbons, as to call to mind the possibility that they are one and the same:

Man In Black visciously beaten by Berkuts on EuroMaidan 2013


Viktor Yanukovych considers violence to be integral to politics, and cannot imagine doing without it, as I brought to your attention in my letter to you of 27 Nov 2004, titled Will you warn Ukrainians what more to expect from Yanukovych goon squads?  Despite Viktor Yanukovych having personally punched out two teeth of his then Minister of Transport, Heorhy Kyrpa in 2004, he today more commonly contracts that sort of work out to the private sector, more particularly to fight club members, sometimes referred to collectively as the Adidas Party of Ukraine because of their fondness for fashionable sportswear, but more often called Titushkos, after a particularly notorious member of their clan, Vadim Titushko, shown below with his gang arrayed behind him, arriving to disrupt whatever activity Yanukovych considers inimical to his reign.  Titushko is not posing for the camera here, he is actually attacking a female photographer, perhaps in a style encouraged by watching Bruce Lee movies.  The police know enough not to interfere with Titushko work, taking into account not only the brawn of the workers, but also the awareness that the Titushkos are on Government business.

Vadim Titushko with his gang of thugs

If anyone is inclined to view this crew as orange-belt jocks horsing around, it should be noted that they do earn their keep, as for example by intercepting travellers who have not yet reached EuroMaidan, and leaving them with reason to abandon their trip, as happened to the three EuroMaidan-bound travellers who tell their stories, in Ukrainian and Russian, in the video clickable under their photos:

First victim of a Titushko-style attack
Second victim of a Titushko-style attack
Third victim of a Titushko-style attack

CLICK to watch Titushko Video
VIDEO of the three above victims describing, in Ukrainian and Russian, a Titushko-style attack

Titushkos pose a hazard to demonstrators who have managed to squeeze through their blockade of EuroMaidan most often by acting as false-flag provocateurs with three goals:  (1) to have Titushko violence and crime taken to be demonstrator violence and crime; (2) to incite demonstrators to violence and crime that they otherwise would not have committed; (3) to taunt and injure and anger the Berkut by attacking them in the guise of demonstrators, making the Berkut even readier to lash out at demonstrators than they already were.

Of course Titushkos are assigned to still other duties, as for example perimeter security along with uniformed officers:

Titushkos helping secure the perimeter of the Cabinet of Ministers building in Kiev on 24 Nov 2013
Titushkos helping secure the perimeter of the Cabinet of Ministers building in Kiev on 24 Nov 2013

With such considerations as these in mind, reflecting back on Intrepid YellowGloves brings to mind the possibility that he is not a student drawn to rockthrowing by his righteous indignation at the cruelty of the Berkut, but is rather a Titushko playing the role of the sort of violent demonstrator who justifies government reaction.  Throwing bricks at law-enforcement officers is not an activity that normal people take to readily.  And given YellowGloves' prominance and persistance, how does he avoid being identified and apprehended?  Notice his ever-presence in two other rock-throwing scenes immediately below.  This new view of YellowGloves is presented not as a better interpretation, but only as an alternative interpretation which needs to be kept in mind because it has some chance of being correct.

And might we not be allowed to have similar reservations about LionHearted YellowPants?  Really! — do we not understand that one man with a stick wades whacking into a group of men with truncheons rather more often in Kung Fu movies than in real life?  Just how was YellowPants able to give a Berkut two whacks in the presence of other Berkuts and get away with it, other than by their recognizing him as one of their own working in civies?

And there he is, that YellowPants, in the two stills immediately below, hurling rocks alongside YellowGloves, and all the while holding his stick in his hand, perhaps not so much a stick as a staff of internal Berkut discipline.  If he were a genuine demonstrator, wouldn't always carrying a stick attract attention, and wrath, and be the fastest way of getting himself beaten to a pulp?  Perhaps YellowPants always walking around with his stick is the strongest clue that he may not be what he seems.

YellowGloves throwing rocks together with YellowPants, EuroMaidan 2013  

03:14   The two of them throwing rocks together — YellowGloves on the left, and YellowPants ever holding his stick (marked with an arrow) on the right.

Yellowpants throwing rocks together with YellowPants, EuroMaidan 2013  

03:22   And here they are again, possibly on a different occasion, as there is no longer a solid white line on the road between them — YellowPants, never without his stick, on the left, and YellowGloves on the right.

YellowGloves distracts Berkuts while YellowPants escapes, EuroMaidan 2013  

03:46   And perhaps an example of the two acting as a team.  Recall that as YellowPants had levelled his first blow at CowardlyBerkut, another Berkut, to YellowPants's right, had struck him.  Well, at that very moment YellowGloves was just behind watching, and as YellowPants chased CowardlyBerkut off to the right, YellowGloves stepped forward and began taunting the Berkuts, and with his fast footwork staying just out of their reach, as if to distract them while YellowPants made his escape.  Yellowpants can be seen on the upper-right, having veered leftward in his run.

Alternative interpretations such as the above become more plentiful the scantier the evidence, and without additional evidence it is impossible to choose among them.  YellowGloves may or may not have been working in tandem with YellowPants, and which side either of them was on is anybody's guess.  Whatever the case, keeping all imaginable alternative interpretations in mind is an essential first step to discovering what really happened on EuroMaidan 30 Nov to 01 Dec 2013.


And suppose your plan were to succeed — your Plan D of emptying EuroMaidan in March by cracking skulls like not since the good old days of the Cheka?  What will it bring you personally, and what will it bring the Kremlin?

All that your Plan D would create is what the Kremlin has ever created in every country over which it has gained control, and what you worked to create in your career as a KGB agent in East Germany — oppression, impoverishment, and Russophobia.  For want of a better word, I use "Russophobia" to mean hatred of Russian rule, though there is plenty of fear too.

(1)  Oppression takes too long to even begin outlining here.  Earlier examples are evidenced in the mass graves, each containing tens of thousands of bodies, of people shot in the back of the head, that dot the Ukrainian countryside.  The most recent example of oppression is the skull-bashing on the EuroMaidan that we have been examining above.  And the assault on Tetyana Chornovol that was noted above took place just today.

(2)  The impoverishment that Russian rule has brought Ukraine can be glimpsed in the following graph.

Per Capita Income graph shows Ukraine at bottom
Per Capita Income

And the impoverishment can be glimpsed also in the fact that Ukraine's per capita GDP is half that of the poorest country in the European Union, Bulgaria.

(3) And below you see the outpouring of hatred of Russian rule that the Kremlin has so effectively taught Ukrainians to feel that they persist in coming to EuroMaidan by the hundreds of thousands to exhibit it to the world.

Mass demonstration in EuroMaidan in Kiev 2013, high-resolution photo
It's a totally different experience to see the above photo at a stunning 2481x1454 resolution.

Click down within the picture, and drag, and so on, especially after turning Fullscreen On.
Clicking on the helicopter icon toggles between higher-altitude and lower-altitude views.

That these are the three things that the Kremlin has reliably delivered to Ukraine, and to all other nations within its reach, right up to today, and that it is offering more of in the future, must raise in everybody's mind the thought that these are goals of the the mentally disturbed.  And in the stumbling through Plans A to D, each obviously doomed to failure, one may diagnose a severe case of the intellectual deficit of being unable to foresee the consequences of one's actions.

The proper order of things has been turned upside down.  At the very top of the chain of command in Ukraine, where we hope to find a president in possession of the highest intelligence and the most acute perception, we find instead an uneducated, inarticulate, violence-prone, and mendacious street criminal.  And representing the government on EuroMaidan, we see smart uniforms and shiny helmets, inside of which we expect to find men of good repute, strong of arm but steady of judgment and controlled of emotion, but where we find instead demented sadists ready to enter into a bludgeoning and kicking frenzy against any civilian that comes within reach.  In other words, the dregs of humankind have infiltrated government from top to bottom, and are in control, and admit no normal people among them, let alone superior people.

The evidence accumulated above has been the conduct of people who are a danger to society, and which, for the protection of its citizens, any advanced country will confine either to prisons or to a psychiatric facilities.  Any Berkut that we have seen above smashing away at defenseless people for being on EuroMaidan is a man who at home and out of uniform will fly into a rage and kick his dog in the ribs for barking too much, and backhand his wife across the jaw for talking too much, and punch his neighbor in the nose for complaining too much, and once he starts, he finds that he does not want to stop.  But if it is obvious that the Berkuts, and sister organizations, are holdingpens for sadists and degenerates, then what are the halls of power in Ukraine if not holdingpens for the same, and what is the Kremlin if not a holdingpen for the same?

The greatest of all curses of mankind is that once the mental and emotional deviants have seized power, they are hard to get rid of, sometimes clinging to power for years, sometimes for decades.  They were able to seize control because they were the readiest to bludgeon and to kill, and they maintain power by remaining to be the readiest to bludgeon and to kill.

But however difficult their eradication, it must be accomplished, else they will multiply and spread, to prevent which the foremost task for the citizens of both Ukraine and Russia is that of sweeping thugs out of office.  Mass protest may be a step in the right direction, but fails to achieve quick results unless reinforced by additional measures.  It is among the highest of duties of all people to bend their efforts to discovering means of lifting the burden that today crushes the majority of people on the planet — the burden of the scum of the earth sitting in the halls of power and directing other scum like themselves to smash the skulls of as many people as necessary to force them all drop to their knees and bow their heads in submission.

Russia Without Putin banner in Moscow
RUSSIA WITHOUT PUTIN   [earlier protest in Moscow]



Lubomyr Prytulak