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by Lubomyr Prytulak
Posted on www.xoxol.org/putin/sochi-2014-follow-up.html 26-Apr-2014 11:05am PST, last revised 27-Apr-2014 01:22pm PST

Mission accomplished!

I said in my diary entry of 07-Jan-2014 that I would do it, and I did!  I raised Russia from the humiliating rank of eleventh in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, all the way up to first place in Sochi 2014:

Olympic medals Sochi 2014, showing Russia in first place

There are those indefatigable Russophobes who complain that had they at the time of the Olympics been aware of my dementia as they see it revealed today in my invasion of Ukraine, they would have boycotted Sochi on the principle that one does not accept a dinner invitation from a poisoner who operates a string of poison factories, especially while he's exhibiting a resurgence of his dementia.

I would like to remind such Russophobes that everybody knew even before the games started that my drugging foreign athletes to impair their performance would be undetectable and that therefore lodging such complaints even during the games would have been purposeless.  A forteriori, lodging such complaints at this late date is utterly ridiculous.  Click on the images below to view a sample of Sochi wipeouts and fails which will convince you that they are indistinguishable from those that typify all athletic competition, and so which justify no suspicion.  The allegation that unexpected flubs were more common at Sochi than in previous Winter Olympics, or were suspiciously restricted to non-Russian athletes, is unsubstantiated.

Symphony of Olympic wipeouts Sochi 2014
Symphony of Olympic wipeouts
1288x742px  29mb  01:20mm:ss
  Ouch! You won't believe these Olympic wipeouts!
You won't believe these wipeouts
1288x742px  23mb  01:34mm:ss
  Canada's Yuki Tsubota crashes in ski slopestyle final - 2014 Sochi Olympics
Canada's Yuki Tsubota crashes
1288x742px  53mb  03:42mm:ss
  Shaun White of the U.S. falls in first run of the men's halfpipe finals - Sochi 2014 Olympics
Shaun White of the U.S. falls
1288x742px  37mb  02:16mm:ss

Anyway, as I have affirmed earlier, quibbling over who slid faster or better across ice or snow is a children's game which I refuse to play.  International and historical precedent entitles me to allocate medal standings peremptorily according to the principle that empire expansion trumps athlete vanity.

Although no participant in Sochi 2014 is going to be told whether he/she was subjected to negative doping, some fantasize a day when the people storm FSB headquarters and discover a file titled Sochi 2014 Olympics Dosage Chart, and which finally renders the above videos, and a hundred more like them, for the first time understandable.  But I can give you my personal guarantee that any storming of FSB headquarters will not happen on my watch, and I have no intention of retiring young.  So don't hold your breath.

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