Russian Roulette: The Invasion Of Ukraine (Dispatch Eight)
Robert King     VICE NEWS
Published 13 Mar 2014   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffYW3nlBwZk

Revealed in this video is the fulfillment of the prediction that, with the help of Russian crime boss Joseph Kobzon, Vladimir Putin would flood Ukraine with Russian-citizen hardened criminals and goons, and not just hundreds of them it turns out, but thousands, who would proceed to wreak havoc and destruction, as this video shows them doing in Donetsk, where a gullible world press takes them to be Donetsk residents; and as they are doing to much greater effect in Crimea, where a gullible world press takes them to be Crimeans.  The video brings us also to understand why it is that pro-Ukraine sympathizers, either in Donetsk or Crimea, are fearful of expressing their opinions in public.  The man knocked to the ground and viciously beaten by Putin's rent-a-mob is guilty of the crime of wishing to be free of Kremlin rule; the group huddled against a bus and fearing for their lives are guilty of the same crime.

The viciousness of the pro-Kremlin attackers, especially their predilection for kicking people who are down, raises the possibility that many are former Berkuts, exacting revenge for having been denounced and disbanded by the new government.