Russian Roulette: The Invasion Of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Three)
Simon Ostrovsky     VICE NEWS
Published 11 Apr 2014   www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpdCvuf-ZOk      1288x742px  215mb  14:05mm:ss

YouTube comment:    On the second day of the self-styled People's Republic of Donetsk's existence, people gathered in the Regional Administration Building to discuss their new government and make plans for the future.  VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky attended the meeting where things got a bit heated, and later interviewed Serhiy Taruta, the current governor of the Donetsk region.  Taruta argued that those who declared independence from Ukraine have no authority to do so and are not supported by most residents of Donetsk.  There's still about a month left before their supposed referendum, and the future of Donetsk is uncertain.