Crimean Response to Russian Annexation
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Published 24 Mar 2014   www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzI9sWaXAvs      1288x742px  408mb  23:12mm:ss

YouTube comment:  Moscow Rules: What's it like to be a Crimean pulled back into Russia?

One day you're Ukrainian, the next you're Russian.  That's the prospect facing the people of Crimea, a neglected pocket of a nation left battered and all but broken by a corrupt President and his cronies.

"It reminds me of the propaganda of Soviet time now.  They tell about the same thing many times, fascist, fascist, fascist.  They don't tell about other opinions", Yevgeniy Snezhkin says, describing Russia's media storm in Crimea.  He's a Russian-speaking Crimean and doesn't care which country it's in, but doesn't like Putin's tactics.  For Crimea's minorities there's more than distaste, they're afraid that the terrors they suffered under Communism may return.  "We're taking very seriously what's happening to our Fatherland because aggressors have come.  They have automatic weapons and they dictate their conditions to us", says Aigar Aga, a local Tartar.  Tensions are rising in Crimea and it doesn't bode well for minorities like the Tartars: "Crimea has chosen Russia.  We will not let the enemy in", a group of ethnic Russians tell us in no uncertain terms.