Russian Roulette: The Invasion Of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Eight)
Simon Ostrovsky     VICE NEWS
Published 20 Apr 2014   www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNig07RtWxA      1288x742px  256mb  11:54mm:ss

YouTube comment:  Last week, Ukraine launched an anti-terror campaign to recapture the cities being occupied by pro-Russia protesters.  So far, the campaign hasn't been going so well.

On April 16, the second day of the campaign, Ukrainian military moving into Sloviansk — the focal point of the pro-Russia forces — and gave up their equipment.  The armory was brought to the center of town where it has become a local amusement.

Elsewhere, crowds of pro-Russia protesters stopped a column of Ukrainian troops in Kramatorsk and made them disarm.  VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was on the scene as Ukrainian forces disarmed their weapons and vehicles.